Welcome to Three Rivers Community Farm, Elsah, Illinois
Welcome to Three Rivers Community Farm, Elsah, Illinois
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From Alton, IL:
Take Route 100, also called the River Road, north 10 miles to the village of Elsah. Take a right into Elsah.

From Grafton, IL:
Take Route 100, also called the River Road, south less than 3 miles to the village of Elsah. Take a left into Elsah.

From Jerseyville, IL:
Take Route 109 south out of Jerseyville about 8 miles until you reach Route 3. Take a right onto 3 and then drive about 1.5 miles to Elsah Rd. Take a left onto Elsah Rd and follow it for 1.5 miles. On your left will be an unmarked road, (this is Chautauqua Rd), turn right (you can only turn right) and just a tenth of a mile on the left will be the entrance to the farm, across from a blue house.

From Godfrey, IL (two options):
Follow West Delmar north out of Godfrey, about five miles to the intersection of West Delmar and Clifton Terrace Rd. Take a left onto Clifton Terrace and then a right onto Route 100 (also called the River Road). Drive less than four miles, and village of Elsah will be on your right.

Or , continue on West Delmar, past the Clifton Terrace Rd. intersection, another three miles to Beltrees Lane. This road is at the base of a hill, and is unmarked so it is a little tricky to find. Take a left onto Beltrees Lane. This road twists and turns for about seven miles, finally passing the entrance to Principia College and dead ends in the middle of Elsah. Take a right and follow Elsah Rd.

Once you are in Elsah:
Enter Elsah and follow Elsah Road through the town. You will pass the Green Tree Bed & Breakfast, the Civic Center, and the Post Office. You will also cross a few single lane bridges. The road will curve slightly left and go uphill. Along the hill, on your left, you will pass a sign for Joy Wood Estates. At the top of the hill, at the corner of Elsah Rd. and Chautauqua Rd ( this road is unmarked), take a left. The farm is on the left. Look for a large cedar building and a sign for the farm.


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